Fredericksburg, OH

Newville, PA

I just bought one of your diaper sprayers and am finding it to make cloth diapering easier. No more dipping and dunking to get the diaper clean, and I think it will also be a good way to wash out little potty bowls. With my first child that was not…

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Dundee, OH

I like the Trustyz Diaper Cover. It is quick and easy to use. No more pins! I have very little dirty clothes from messes. The elastic in the back keeps it inside. Thanks for a wonderful product!

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East Earl, PA

I like the diapers…no pins or rubber pants to deal with. And they’re husband friendly…big fingers and pins don’t mix!

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Newburg, PA

I love the feeling of diapering our child with soft, safe cloth. Saving money is the added bonus. I appreciate the plump, padded diaper that unfolds so that it dries in decent time. Thanks for a GREAT product!

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Gorin, MO

I really like the Trustyz plan. No more pins! My favorite is the Inserts. They really soak up the wetness.

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Sugarcreek, OH

I really like the Trustyz diapers and covers. No more pins, and the diapers absorb a lot. I use the large diapers on our three-year-old who has a bed wetting problem, and they hold him all night. No more expensive pull-ups.

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Newport, PA

I love the fact that my baby doesn’t ‘feel’ wet. I always felt a baby shouldn’t have to have a wet diaper against their skin.

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