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Trustyz Snap Diaper Cover (Single Pack)

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Product Description

Trustyz Diaper Covers are soft and quiet while providing a great fit for leak resistance. The plastic snaps offer a secure closure system with long durability. These Diaper Covers allow you to customize the amount of absorbency your child needs in their diapers. A variety of inserts will fit perfectly inside this cover by simply folding and tucking the ends into the front and back pockets. If extra protection is needed at night or on long trips, you can add one or more Organic Bamboo Doublers to the diaper. Trustyz Diaper Covers can be used for more than one diaper change, simply allow them to air dry and then reuse with a fresh Insert. Once soiled, toss the Diaper Covers in your lined diaper pail.


How to Use:

  • Remove the used Insert from the Diaper Cover and toss it into your lined diaper pail or wet bag. Allow the Diaper Cover to air dry.
  • Replace with a new Insert by tucking it into the front and back pockets of the Diaper Cover.
  • Reuse the Diaper Cover until it is soiled then put it in your lined diaper pail or wet bag.


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Aqua Blue, Grassy Green, Lovely Lilac, Snow White


3T-5T, Large, Newborn, Small

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