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Trustyz Feel-Dry Organic Bamboo Inserts (6 Pk)

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Trustyz Feel-Dry Organic Bamboo Inserts are soft and trim, made of naturally antimicrobial organic bamboo fleece which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, making for a more sanitary diaper insert. On one side of each Trustyz Feel-Dry Organic Bamboo Insert is a special wicking fabric that pulls the moisture away from the skin, allowing your baby to feel dry, promoting a good night’s sleep, and helping to prevent skin breakdown and rashes. Trustyz Feel-Dry Organic Bamboo Inserts are also helpful during potty training by reversing the Insert so the organic bamboo is against the skin, allowing for a wet feeling to help reinforce the desire to use the potty. Trustyz Feel-Dry Organic Bamboo Inserts are easy to use, simply fold and place in the corresponding Diaper Cover. No pins! No hassle!


Note: All organic bamboo products must be properly prepped before their first use. Organic bamboo contains natural waxes and resins in the fabric that need to be removed prior to using to help the fabric reach its full absorbency. Proper prepping is accomplished by either treating them with RLR Laundry Treatment or by washing eight to ten times in hot water.

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    The thirsty micro-fiber is sandwiched inside the soft embrace of the bamboo making you wonder why you ever even considered disposable diapers. I notice our son feels slightly wet when we use the bamboo inserts over the charcoal, and they definitely feel wetter to the touch.

    • :

      Thank you for your comments, if the absorbency is not as much as expected, the Inserts may need prepped more to remove the natural oils in the material. This can be accomplished quickly by treating the Inserts with RLR Laundry Treatment, after which there should be an improvement in the absorbency of the material.

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